Complaints And Appeals Policy

At Access Unlimited we are committed to providing a pleasant and safe work environment for all employees, clients and visitors. We acknowledge, however, that things do not always go smoothly and that employees and clients can sometimes feel aggrieved about things that are happening. An employee may have a complaint and/or Appeal about a decision, behaviour, act or omission (whether by management or other staff) that they feel is unfair, discriminatory or unjustified; and a client may have a complaints and Appeals about information or service with which they have been provided.

This item provides a procedure by which an employee or client may have their complaints and/or appeals addressed. Key elements of the Complaints and Appeals handling procedure The following are the key elements of the Access Unlimited Complaints and Appeals handling procedure:

Impartiality – If a complaint and/or appeal is made, it will be investigated in a fair and impartial manner. No judgements or assumptions will be made and no action will be taken until the investigation is complete. If a complaint is made against an employee, their rights will be protected and they will be given an opportunity to give their side of the story.

Confidentiality – The complainant and/or appeal may feel secure that Access Unlimited will maintain the level of confidentiality that the complainant requires.

Victimisation – Management will make every endeavour to ensure that a complainant is not victimised in any way. If any form of victimisation does occur, appropriate action will be taken.

Timeliness – Each complaint and/or appeal will be dealt with immediately and finalised within as short a time period as possible. Every endeavour will be made to ensure that all complaints are finalised within two weeks.

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